How to Secure the D-Link DIR-615 Revision E Wireless Router

As with all wireless routers sold, the D-Link DIR-615 Revision E isn’t sold in a secured fashion. The security of the wireless router is the responsibility of the owner. While securing a wireless router may seem like a daunting task, most home wireless routers require the same settings to be changed to secure the router and wireless network. What needs to be changed for the D-Link DIR-615 wireless router are broken down into three sections, that will hopefully help to understand what is being changed on the router.

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Rural Broadband Options – What’s Available?

Just a decade ago the average time spent online per day by any one person was 46 minutes, now it’s a staggering 4 hours (or half of the average working day!). Facebook has 900 million members (300 times bigger than Friendster was in 2002), the average time to download a song has decreased from 13 minutes to 18 seconds, and the devices we used primarily for texting and phone calls have evolved into mini computers giving us internet access almost anywhere.

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How to Give Your WiFi Signal a Boost

The following are a sign you may need to give your WiFi signal a boost – Status: Connected. Signal strength: Low. If you’re sick of seeing those words, you need to learn how to give your WiFi signal a boost! Keep reading this article to find out our top 8 tips.

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