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Optimizing The Benefits Of Web Images For Your Website

Web Image

Web images are akin to a double-edged sword with conflicting sides. One helps you fight but the other fights against you. Whereas they are important in increasing rankings on search engines and viewership by users they can be what makes users readily click on the back button without second thought. Read More »

Five Years Later

Technically Easy - Five Years Later

On June 23, 2007 Technically Easy came to life. I had been contemplating starting a blog for months before that day, and finally took the plunge by starting Technically Easy as a free Blogger blog. Just over a year later I moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog, mainly because I like the total control of all aspects of my blog that WordPress provides. Read More »

4 Important Points Where a Guest Blogger Needs to Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Guest Blogging is becoming very common among internet users now-a-days. Thousands of guest bloggers are available online with great competition between them. These guest bloggers work hard for writing new content or posts for other blogs to get a backlink to increase the traffic of their blog and to increase their online reputation. Read More »

Essential Tips to Blog the Healthier Way

Healthy Fruit

Reaching the top 10 position of Search Engine Rankings is never easy. However, with continuous struggle and a well-laid strategy, it is achievable. Same rule applies to your weight loss goals. Blogging and good fitness seldom go together. But with little efforts, this can be made possible. Nustrisystem and Medifast help bloggers get on the way to healthy blogging once again. Read More »

Top 7 Blogging Tips to Increase Traffic to you Blog Posts

Blogging Tips

Anyone who has started a blog or a website would want his or her posts to get noticed and reached a wider audience. Increase traffic is one sign of a successful site as it opens more opportunities for the site. One might think that achieving this can be a big challenge but driving traffic and attracting visitors and fans is not impossible. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this. Read More »

Easy Exercises for Bloggers to Perform at Home and Stay Fit

Exercise Sillouette

Exercising serves several purposes like weight loss, boosting energy levels and keeping you active at work. But not all of them are possible for the “busy blogging breed”. Here are some easy and effective exercises enlisted to set you for a healthy body and an active mindset to help you strike an overall balance. However, accompanying the exercises with a healthy and nutritious diet is advisable. Read More »

Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money (Yet)

Blogging Platforms

What is it about blogging that gets people so excited? Is it the prospect of becoming rich and semi-famous? Or is it the fact that anyone can produce their own publication? Blogging gives people, who may not have every considered themselves ‘the writing type’ the opportunity to communicate to the world through their own personal publications. Read More »

4th Generation Hosting – Worth the wait?

Server Rack

With the constant innovations in the high cost business server market, it becomes hard to discern what is a genuine technology revolution or merely the next buzzword sales ploy; the following will investigate and examine the claims and supposed benefits of 4th Generation Hosting. The fundamental change in server architecture from 3rd to 4th generation is the clustering multi-server environment. Previous incarnations of server hosting architecture have had to rely on the one server unit that was hosting your particular site. Read More »

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