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Blogging Rules: Knowing About Copyrights

Copyright - All Rights Reserved

So you have finally started your blog. Congratulations! But there are several rules and etiquettes that you need to keep in mind with regards to copyrights, otherwise you could land in trouble. Read More »

Breaking it Down: How Website Building is Like Home Building

How Website Building is Like Home Building

If you stop to think about it, website building is much like home building. While not as complex, a website does share many of the basic elements that goes into building a home. Below are several elements of a home that can be used to describe how a website is developed into a finished product. Read More »

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Bloggers

Samsung Galaxy Tab Typing

Every day a huge number of different events happen in the Internet, and if you are an owner of an interesting and popular blog, you need to know and follow them. The fast popularization of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets in particular, has led to appearance of new type of blogging – a mobile one. […] Read More »

Traffic Stats: July 2012

Traffic Stats - July 2012

Last month seemed like a turning point in terms of traffic for Technically Easy. Throughout the month I noticed that traffic was higher than it had been in previous months, especially compared to the beginning of this year. By the end of the month, the total number of visitors had once again reached 100,000 for the month. Read More »

What is Pleasing in a Local Website Design

Website Wireframe

Google’s latest algorithm updates have focused more and more on local search results. With local companies getting more focus in today’s search results, of course their websites will also be getting the same amount of new attention. The problem with that is, most local company’s websites are absolutely terrible. Many smaller, local companies began putting up websites years ago before the new era of web design hit the web and before standards were really ever laid out for how a website should look. Read More »

Traffic Stats: June 2012

Traffic Stats - June 2012

Technically Easy didn’t see anything too exciting with regards to traffic levels in June. The steady trend of visitors that has been seen in the past couple of months continue throughout last month as well. While having steady traffic is great, especially with Google’s algorithm changes, I am continuously looking for ways that I can increase the number of monthly visitors. I am more focusing on diversifying my traffic sources, which seems to be a harder task for me at the moment. Read More »

Fantastic Diet Plans for Bloggers – Get Going Today!


The advantage of living in an interconnected world is that the assimilation of information is rapid. And thanks to this assimilation of information and the numerous open societies that exist in the world today, mankind is experiencing a greater quality of life compared to previous generations. One of the spheres that have experienced benefits of information sharing is health care and blogging alike. The article will restrict itself to the province of perfect diet plans for bloggers. Here goes Read More »

Server Header Responses 101 [Infographic]

Server Headers 101

When you request a web page online there may be times where you may see an error page appear on the screen. While it can be frustrating to see such a page, mainly because that means the content you were looking for won’t appear, the error number that appears actually has meaning to the owner of the web site. There are many different status codes defined for requesting and sending data online, and all pages sent from the Web actually return one of several different status codes. Read More »

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