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Traffic Stats: April 2012

Traffic Stats - April 2012

Last month saw traffic finally stabilize on Technically Easy after a few months of a minor decline. I was hoping to see that trend continue, and possible a little up swing as well in April, but I knew it would be a little difficult to continue the trend that I saw at the end of last year. Overall, thought, April was a good month with regards to traffic. Read More »

Defensive Design Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web Design

Money Scale

Web design is no easy task. When someone says web design, they’re not just referring to one simple task. Web design means completing a multitude of tasks that, when finished, come together to hopefully equal a fantastic website that can perform more than just one trick well. Read More »

Select the Better Option for Link Building – Forum Posts vs Blog Comments


Link Building is the base key behind any marketing campaign. Therefore link building is the best way to promote your websites, services and products to get the best web visibility and quick traffic. There are two most common and effective ways of doing link building – one is “Blog Comments”, and the other is “Forums”. Both can provide you the “do-follow” as well as “no-follow” links. Let us take that both are providing you “do-follow” links then which one will you choose better for doing your link building campaign. To get out of this selection, let’s find out the result. Read More »

Is Budget Web Hosting Actually Worth the Buck?

Piggy Bank

Finding the right web hosting package for you may be a bit difficult since there are many factors to consider. Moreover, there are so many web hosting providers to choose from thus finding a hosting provider is more of a challenge than a fun thing to do. Most of the time, we resort to budget web hosting because it gives worth out of your money. Read More »

Choosing The Best Hosting Plan For Your Website [Infographic]

Choosing The Best Hosting Plan For Your Website

InMotion Hosting provides a valuable infographic comparing three types of web hosting. The infographic makes an easy to understand comparison between hosting and housing, and gives the benefits of each type of hosting at the bottom. The infographic can be viewed on your computer, or you can print it to reference as needed. Read More »

What’s New with HTML5? Take a Look! [Infographic]


HTML5 has rolled forward much of the previous standard, HTML 4.1, while deprecating some codes. In addition to the existing tags, the newest standard includes many new tags that offer new features or simpler methods to reach specific goals. Read More »

Traffic Stats: March 2012

Traffic Stats - March 2012

The month of March saw traffic to Technically Easy continue to stabilize and also continue where February ended off. While traffic is still lower than it was a few months previous, at least it has stopped dropping and will hopefully start to increase over the next few months. March also saw the number of pageviews […] Read More »

How to Manage Multiple Blogs

Orange Employee Multitasking While Operating Four Laptop Computers At Two Different Desks In An Office

Although some bloggers may focus specifically on just one blog at the same time, there are several bloggers that manage to maintain many different weblogs at the same time. However, not every bloggers do that effectively. Many bloggers affect quality of content and also amount of content by trying to maintain a lot of blogs whereas other bloggers are able to maintain a number of blogs updated and interesting to site visitors. There are some important elements to help you maintain multiple successful blogs. Read More »

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