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The Guest Post Battleground

The Guest Post Battleground

On March 19th, Matt Cutts announced that Google took action against a large guest blog network. It didn’t take long for people to figure out it was MyBlogGuest – a popular site for writing and publishing guest blog posts. Ann Smarty, the found and owner of MyBlogGuest, confirmed Google’s action against her site. The proof was the fact that entering “MyBlogGuest” in Google didn’t have her site in the results. Matt Cutts had talked about Google taking action against guest posting a few weeks back, but the fact that they moved so quickly and so fiercely against the guest posting network was still a shock for most people. Read More »

Tips for Choosing a Business Web Host

Web Hosting Tips for Businesses

Nowadays, websites and blogs have become crucial tools for the success of any business. Many people are using such online platforms to promote their goods and services, as well as interact with their customers. One of the things which will play a key role in the success of any site is the choice of web host. No matter how well designed your site is or how great the content, having an unreliable host will end up having detrimental effects on your business. Read More »

Question: Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?

Are You Cut Out to be a Web Designer?

Do you want to be a web designer and are thinking about what you need to be one? Like all jobs, even this one has certain qualities that you require in order to make it big. In this big wide web world, there are thousands of web designers looking to make their mark. You have to really stand out in order to make it big. Here are a few skills that you should ideally possess to be a good designer. Obviously there are no hard and fast rules though. Read More »

Top 5 Blog Tools Every Health Blog Should Use

Top 5 Blog Tools Every Health Blog Should Use

If you’ve had any experience with health/fitness blogging, you know that the niche is unique for several reasons – the world always needs more educating on better health, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and finally: there’s always a difference of opinions. However, no matter what your stance is on eating meat or optimal exercising routines, here’s 5 top tools for health blogs whose mission is to make the world (and their blog) a better place. Read More »

Making More of a 404 Page: How is it Possible?

404 Error

Finding out that you’ve typed in the wrong address can be just a little bit frustrating. You might have been certain that the URL was correct, but regardless of the cause, you’re likely to see a page with the headline ‘Error 404’ on it. These messages are pretty useful, though can look a little drab at the best of times; but can they be changed? It might seem a little weird, but in a way, Error 404 pages can act as a kind of blank canvas for web design teams to showcase their flair. Read More »

Why Web Design Affects Marketing More Than You Realize

Why Web Design Affects Marketing More Than You Realize

As an entrepreneur, you realize the importance of aesthetics. You realize that the better your office, your store or your establishment looks, it will reflect on how good the products and/or services of the business is. While most entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of how good their business establishments look, most are less likely to give importance to how their websites look. Read More »

SEO Be Damned. Why Your Blog is About You.

SEO Be Damned. Why Your Blog is About You.

After I decided to change the direction of Technically Easy, I have been thinking more about what content I would like to publish on Technically Easy. Of course, as I started to think about the content, other questions started to pop in my head. How often should I publish posts? What long should each post be? What type of posts should I write? How many guest posts should I accept? The odd thing is that I started Technically Easy over six years ago, and many of the questions I asked myself were the same ones I asked myself when I first started. Read More »

Thinking of Guest Posting? Not if You Do These 5 Things

Thinking of Guest Posting? Not if You Do These 5 Things

Yesterday I wrote a post where I laid out a new direction for Technically Easy. Actually, the direction I will be taking this blog is back to the original way I had intended this blog to go from the beginning. In that post I talked about how I will be evaluating guest posts more critically, and won’t be publishing such posts as often. I also talked about publishing posts less, but publishing better quality posts. Read More »

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