Are We Ready for Google Wallet?

Are We Ready for Google Wallet?

Do we live in such a fast-paced, tech-crazed society that even swiping a credit card is getting old? Do we really want – or need – an even faster way to pay for things while on-the-go? Are our wallets that annoying that we want to eliminate them altogether? Should we really be able to rely on our smartphones for everything?

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These are some of the questions worth answering in regards to Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a way to pay for things using your smartphone and near-field communications (NFC) technology.

If you have Google Wallet on your smartphone, all you have to do is tap your phone to the card reader, and that’s it. Done. Paid for. Out the door. It’s certainly different, exciting, and new, but are we really ready for Google Wallet?

NFC Payments – The Future is Near

There have been a lot of developments lately in mobile payments using NFC technology. Most experts predict that NFC payments will eventually become the norm. As the technology develops and more banks, credit cards, payment services, and merchants get on board, one day we might no longer have the need for a conventional wallet, as long as we have a smartphone.

Google Wallet is one way to do this now, but is it a little too soon to make the switch? So far, Google Wallet only works with Sprint phones. If Google Wallet ever hopes to take over the mobile payment industry, it needs to convince other networks to work with it, too.

Google Wallet – Coming to a Store Near You

The next time you’re at a store, pay attention at the cash register. Does it have a PayPass symbol? You can actually already use Google Wallet in a lot more stores than you’d think. Many major retailers accept it as a form of payment, and the numbers will only continue to grow.

Google Wallet currently works around the country in retailers such as Macy’s, CVS, Office Max, Walgreens, and Sunoco. It seems as though we are more than ready for mobile payments.
Google Integration

Google Wallet stands out from the crowd, however, in the fact that it’s, well, Google.

Google integration would be one of the main aspects of Google Wallet. Consider the possibilities. You may already use Google for its Offers or Shopping. It may be your email service or your phone service. With everything that Google does for us already, it makes sense that it could also handle our finances and be used to complete payments.

But when you think about it, are we really ready for this? How would you feel about relying on Google for everything, including your money?

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11 Responses to “Are We Ready for Google Wallet?”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for a such good blog sharing. Very good effort keep it up with more effective ideas I really like this.
    Thanks – Maria

  2. Google Wallet app works by creating a secure Google Wallet account to which you upload your credit card or debit card information. This information is then protected by a separate PIN number. You make payments online using the Google Wallet app by choosing the credit or debit card that you want to make payments.

  3. liagill says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve never really been good at multitasking for work, just for pleasure.

  4. lilyg says:

    Awesome post. Your post is very helpful for any organization’s success. Thanks for sharing.

  5. julythomas says:

    Thank you for sharing this good blog post.

  6. win says:

    Google is a very great company, I find Google’s name in almost all fields such as internet, maps, advertisements, books, smart phones, and now in finance. Thumb for

  7. Reese says:

    While I acknowledge that this is certainly a leap forward and the changes in the mobile payment industry is very exciting, I’m still wary of NFC at its current innovation. Hopefully, security will improve because this is amazing.

  8. Stefan says:

    It does seem more or less inevitable at this point doesn’t it?
    When you stop and thing about it, it’s not really that different from carrying an ATM card around with you, and probably not that much less secure either.

    Then again, this is coming from a person who refuses to even own an ATM card because it encourages me to spend money, so I’ll probably be the last to sign up to this kind of service.

  9. J.C says:

    interesting post, although Google are coming up with some awesome services i do think they`re getting a bit complicated these days, regarding them looking after my money i think i`d like to wait and see how this pans out

  10. Aasma says:

    Google is certainly providing us some amazing services, but I think relying on one company for everything is not good.. it’s going to create monopoly which we already seeing on search engine.

  11. priska says:

    good information, i like it

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